School camps and Youth Services, professionally and safely!

Internationally as well!


Hyvärilä is one of Finland’s ten youth centres. This means that we exist through and for the young.

Society has given us the job of supporting a good life for the young. This is how we do it:

  1. Hyvärilä is one of the most popular youth centres in the country. Our special strength is our wide range of indoor and outdoor activities. The centre’s grounds are full of things to do, and we’re within reach of the Koli National Park and the rapids of the Ruuna outdoor area. Our aim is to provide the best youth camp ever!

  2. Sports clubs, youth clubs, parishes and other youth organisations hold their own camps using our facilities. Especially in summer we organise camps in co-operation with the Nurmes Youth Department.

  3. We help youngsters to find their own approach to multi-culturalism. It’s our job to help every youngster find a personal approach to joining the international community – most important is personal motivation.  

  4. We produce youth services for the town of Nurmes: confidential personal contact, coaches, facilities, activities.