Youth exchanges and international camps for young people

One of the best way to meet like-minded young people from other countries is to participate in international camps in Finland or abroad. Pick a theme that resonates with you and plan an international exchange as you want it. Hundreds of young people come together for a week for intercultural exchange and dialogue on different themes: sports, theater, environmental issues, culture and traditions, personal development, discovering nature and making change in the society – sky is the limit! Youth exchange opportunities are open for young people from 13 to 30 years of age.

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Recent camps in Hyvärilä

Eco YOUth

Environment and practical steps towards the better and cleaner world are the main topics for this youth exchange, developed by young participants who are determined to make a difference. This youth exchange is the result of Empower Super Citizen Youth exchange of 2019, which inspired participants to continue their journey of making an impact. Participants from Portugal, Finland, Egypt and Cyprus will meet in summer on the beautiful island of Cyprus and get to work: learn how to use resources sustainably, raise awareness on environmental issues and get their hands dirty doing some actual cleaning!

Funded by Erasmus+ Youth in Action Programme.

Read the results of the project:


A program for young people from Germany to find a new beginning, explore the unknown and discover inner-resources during a two-month internship in Nurmes. The program features basic Finnish language and culture course, local tours and activities, and internship in Nurmes organizations under supervision of youth workers from LeeWerk – WISA (Germany) and Hyvärilä youth centre

Funded by: European Social Fund and the German Ministry for Employment and Social Affairs

Out of the woods. Camp Finland.

September 2019 brought together active young people from Finland, Romania, Slovenia; Slovakia and Russia for a youth exchange devoted to finding your own way in life, getting to know your strengths, weaknesses and passions. Finding yourself with the help of peers through exploring nature and other cultures was the first step. It was truly inspiring, and fully implemented by the participants. Next step of “Out of the woods” project is professional development Youth exchange which will take place in Romania in 2020.

Funded by Erasmus+ Youth in Action Program

ESC - Empower Super Citizen

November 2019 gathered young people from Finland, Egypt and Portugal to discover active citizenship through drama. How to make your voice heard? How to deal with problems in your community? What can a young person do to influence decision-makers? – this was the time for self-discovery and learning to express inner power! Participants found out which small steps of acts of kindness make a difference, and acted it out in a play for the local community.

Funded by Erasmus+ Youth in Action Program

Koulu ylittää rajat

In 2018 and 2019 a total of 7 exchange camps happened between school students from Finland and the Republic of Karelia, Russia. Over 100 young people from both countries came together for one-week camps to learn about the country that is just across the border, make friends and get to know the culture and people through school exchange.

Co-funded by the Ministry of Education and Culture of Finland.


Getting together and exploring young people’s dreams is both a lot of fun and quite a challenge! This camp was planned and implemented by young people from Poland, Italy, Hungary and Finland.
Funded by Erasmus+ Youth in Action Programme.

One, two, three – trade!

Young people from Finland, Sweden, Russia and Norway gathered together in Hyvärilä for a week in April to learn about culture and nature of Nordic countries. One week of getting to know culture of neighbor countries through making food, doing crafts and exploring the woods of Eastern Finland in snow shoes.
Co-funded by NORDBUK programme, Nordic Council of Ministers.

Green school camp

The project is creating a Green school model as a school addressing global environmental problems in the local community by education and practical youth-led action. The schools will get a model of practical involvement of youth in environmental action. The Green school model, formulated as a result of summarizing and developing experiences of the best Karelian educators, will be tested in 6 pilot schools (3 in Finland and 3 in the Republic of Karelia) and disseminated inside and outside the region. The project is implemented by Karelian Education Development Fund (Russia) in partnership with Hyvärilä youth centre (Finland) and Regional ecology and biology center named by Kim Andreev (Finland).

Funded by ENI CBC Karelia programme in 2018-2020.

Project Green school

BE IN A MOVIE – film-making camp

In August 2019 young people from Finland and Russia spent a week learning about film-making process from professional film-makers. They navigated through theory and practice of coming up with the idea, making a script, setting up the scene, acting and editing a short film. The camp was organized within cross-border cooperation project LOKKI.

Funded by ENI CBC Karelia programme in 2018-2020.

Project page

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