Padel is a fun doubles game that combines elements of squash and tennis. At Hyvärilä, padel is played on an outdoor court with walls to prevent the ball from escaping, allowing more time for actual play. The court is illuminated, so you can play even on autumn evenings.

The court rental fee is €25 per hour, which includes equipment if needed (four rackets and a can of balls), available for pick-up at the Hyvärilä reception. Reservations for the padel court can be made through the online booking service. You can also book by calling +358 40 104 5960 or emailing

Booking Instructions:

  1. Visit the online booking site.
  2. Click on ”Mailapelikentät.”
  3. Click on ”Siirry Hyvärilän Nuoriso- ja matkailukeskuksen varausjärjestelmään >>.” (green button)
  4. Choose a suitable time from the reservation calendar.
  5. If you need rackets and balls, select ”Tarvitsen mailat + pallot.” Equipment is included in the price. Using your own equipment does not affect the price.
  6. Complete your reservation and proceed to payment by clicking ”Kassalle >>.” (green button) Fill in your contact information, accept the booking terms and privacy policy, and click ”Siirry maksamaan >>.” (green button)

You can cancel your reservation free of charge 24 hours before the start time. To cancel, please contact reception at +358 40 104 5960 or

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