Our hotel restaurant serves daily breakfast and lunch buffet-style. We are proud participants in the ”Portaat luomuun” program and currently hold a two-star organic restaurant rating.

Good food in Hyvärilä

Healthy breakfast

Every morning at hotel we offer a breakfast where everyone can assemble their ideal meal to start the day. We feature locally sourced Pielispakari bread and Karelian pastries, as well as juices from Peten marjatila. Additionally, our breakfast includes yogurt, vegetables, various spreads for bread, and other delicious morning treats.

Breakfast starts from €13.50 per person. Welcome!

Daily Buffet

Every day, we offer a diverse buffet that includes:

  • A rich salad bar
  • Two hot meal options
  • Bread from local bakeries
  • Dessert

Our food is designed to satisfy all appetites, regardless of dietary preferences. We are proud to offer the best vegetarian food in town.

In our restaurant, we bake bread daily. Our Viljo sourdough bread has roots tracing back generations to Marttinen Youth Centre. Additionally, we feature bread from local bakeries every day.

Lunch buffet is open from 11am to 3pm. In summertime until 6pm.