Youth work

Our youth work focuses on school camps, international youth work, Nuotta coaching and local youth work.

Our youth work focuses on youth camps, international youth work, event production and networking with youth actors. We run local youth workshops, youth outreach and basic youth work services. We are one of eight youth centres in Finland operating with support from the Ministry of Education and Culture.

International youth work

Are you interested in internationalisation, but a year abroad as an exchange student, for example, seems like too big a step? There are other paths to internationalisation, adapted to the specific situation of each young person.

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Camps and camp schools

Camp schools and their successful familiarisation are our speciality. Hyvärilä camp schools are for learning, but above all for life. Contact us and together we will plan a fun camp or camp school for your group to achieve your goals.

The children can learn much about Finnish culture, lifestyle and nature and improve their learning, teamwork, self-reflection and social skills, which will help them move forwards in life with confidence.

Local youth work

Hyvärilä operates local youth work through Nuorten Kulma in Nurmes and Valtimo. Our aim is to make young people’s voices heard, to guide them in their studies and work, and to encourage each young person to live the best version of themselves. Local youth work is responsible for:

  • support young people’s growth and independence
  • promoting young people’s active citizenship and social empowerment
  • Improving the conditions for young people’s growth and living conditions
  • to promote young people’s consultation and participation
  • Provide educational guidance
  • organise facilities for activities and recreation and promote international youth activities.

Nuotta coaching

Nuotta coaching strengthens young people’s social skills, healthy lifestyles and everyday management. It is aimed at young people with special needs. Typically participants to Nuotta coaching are small Finnish groups together with youth outreach work.