Hyvärilä is a Sustainable Travel Finland and Green Key certified youth and travel center located on the shores of Lake Pielinen in North Karelia. These environmental certifications mean that we work towards advancing sustainable tourism by reducing the environmental impact of overnight stays and preserving nature.

We also want to live surrounded by pure nature in the future. We aim to ensure that future generations can access the blueberry-covered hills, lure striped perch from Lake Pielinen, and plunge into its refreshing waves. Here at Hyvärilä, environmental responsibility is part of our daily life, and we strive to continually develop our operations to be more sustainable and eco-friendly. This requires environmentally friendly choices from each of us: we train our employees and guide our customers. As a youth center, we want to particularly promote environmental awareness among the younger generation. Through our own example, we aim to encourage everyone else to act ecologically. At Hyvärilä, we adhere to the principles of a safer space, meaning that bullying or discrimination is not allowed in our facilities

Our Commitment to Sustainability

At Hyvärilä, sustainability is at the core of everything we do. We believe in making environmentally friendly choices, educating our staff, and guiding our guests towards greener practices. As a youth center, we aim to enhance environmental awareness among the younger generation and set an example for others to follow.

Restaurant Sustainability

Our restaurant is a two-star organic certified establishment and participates in the ”Portaat luomuun” program at level four. We have increased the proportion of vegetarian food over the years by closely monitoring waste and focusing on recipe development.
Many of our ingredients come from local sources. For instance, we use juices from Peten marjatila, and during the summer, herbs are sourced from our own greenhouse.
We measure food waste daily to understand its impact and educate our customers. Visualizing the amount of wasted food helps diners make more informed choices and reconsider their habits. This data also guides us in adjusting our menus to minimize waste.
Surplus meals from the previous day are sold through ResQApp to reduce food waste.

Environmental Practices

We use eco-labeled products for cleaning and adhere to dosing instructions to minimize chemical impact on the environment.
Water conservation is a priority, and we have optimized water flow rates throughout the facility.
Energy efficiency is achieved through solar panels installed on the Kartanohotelli roof, which directly contribute to our electricity consumption. Waste heat from the kitchen is recovered and used for heating.
We have established a meadow within Hyvärilä’s premises to support pollinating insects, mammals, and birds, thereby promoting biodiversity and environmental education.

Accommodation Practices

Room cleaning between stays is done only upon request, conserving water that would otherwise be used for washing towels and linens.
We provide two electric vehicle charging points in our hotel parking area to support sustainable transportation options.
By integrating these practices into our daily operations, we are committed to fostering a sustainable environment and encouraging responsible choices among our staff and guests alike.