Nature trails

Hyvärilä offers a variety of opportunities for outdoor activities and hiking, along with campfire spots for relaxation and enjoying snacks. The trails, such as Kartanonkierros, Ellun lenkki, and Paljakkavaara, provide stunning scenery and diverse terrain, perfect for skiing, cycling, and walking.

Campfire Spots

Hyvärilä features campfire spots near the beach and close to the kyykkä field. Additionally, there is a lean-to shelter near the freestyle ski jump. Please note that there is no firewood at Hyvärilä’s campfire spots. You can purchase firewood from the Hyvärilä reception for €5 per bag. Additionally, the Riihikota hut on the Hyvärilä grounds is available by reservation.

Kartanonkierros Trail

The Kartanonkierros is a 2.7-kilometer easy-to-walk illuminated fitness trail but there’s some steep hills. The trail starts from the Hyvärilä yard. In winter, the trail serves as a ski track, and during snow-free periods, it is ideal for hiking or mountain biking. The terrain is based on a sawdust track.

Ellun lenkki 13km

Experience views of Lake Pielinen and lichen-covered rocks in the depths of the forest. Following the ski track base, Ellun lenkki is suitable for skiing, mountain biking, and hiking.

To reach Ellun lenkki from Hyvärilä, follow the trail along the Pielinen shore to the sawdust track, just like for Kartanonkierros. This hilly trail is well-suited for electric fat biking, even for beginners. Along the way, you’ll pass through mossy forests, lichen-covered rocks, and lakeside scenery. There are hut and shelter along the route for enjoying snacks. In winter, the trail is a well-maintained and illuminated ski track, also suitable for fat biking.

Ellun lenkki can be extended by including the Kotilanvaara loop or shortened by opting for the Kartanonkierros instead.

Paljakkavaara 3km

This route winds through enchanting forest paths, sidewalks, a sawdust track, and dirt roads. It is ideal for mountain biking and hiking.

The trail starts from the Kartanonkierros sawdust track, then follows green markers. From the Kartanonkierros, the trail continues over an asphalt road (Kohtavaarantie) and a railway to the dirt road Pöpöläntie, then turns onto Koivusillantie. The dirt road leads to a pine forest path, which quickly transitions to a magical spruce forest and grassy birch groves. At the top of Paljakkavaara, there is a lean-to shelter and a toilet.

The trail then descends and connects to a forest road. From the forest road, it ends up on a dirt road, Tuomenkummuntie. You can continue to Kotilanvaara by following the green Kotilanvaara loop markers or shorten the route by heading back to Hyvärilä from Tuomenkummuntie to Hyväriläntie, making it a 3 km route. From Hyväriläntie, return to Pöpöläntie, cross the railway, and follow the asphalt road back to Hyvärilä.

Mushroom and Berry Picking

Finland has everyman’s rights which means that you are allowed to pick mushrooms, berries and wild herbs from the nature without having any permission from the land owner. Luckily in Nurmes our forests are rich so it is easy to find something to eat from the forests. Near Hyvärilä, you can find nettles, ground elder, lactarius, chanterelles, and blueberries. So, take a basket and start collecting nature’s treasures!

Retkikohteita Nurmeksessa

Raesärkät: About a half-hour drive from Hyvärilä, it’s a popular local destination with easy-to-walk pine forests, ridges, and swamp landscapes.

Peurajärvi: A great destination with a beach, fishing opportunities, and easy trails. The area features the massive Kärnänkivi glacial erratic, precariously balanced on its narrow tip.

Mujejärvi: Ideal for those seeking tranquility, this wilderness area features swamps, gorges, and lakes.

Retkikohteita lähialueilla

Within a 90-minute drive from Nurmes, there are four national parks. The most famous is Koli National Park, known for its beloved national landscapes. The closest is Tiilikkajärvi National Park, with the region’s most beautiful sandy beach. Hiidenportti National Park offers dramatic gorge landscapes, while Patvinsuo National Park features extensive boardwalks over vast swamps. Additionally, the rapids of Ruunaa are especially impressive, particularly in spring!