Play arena

Hyvärilä’s Play Arena is an outdoor sports court located near the swimming beach.

Hyvärilä’s Play Arena

On the outdoor court, you can play various ball games such as basketball, floorball, badminton, and handball. The court is equipped with boards, goals, and basketball hoops, so you can bring your own equipment or rent it from the Hyvärilä reception.


Hyrlinki locates next to play arena court. Hyrlinki is Hyvärilä’s unique outdoor game that combines curling and bowling. It is played on a veneer surface, making it suitable for year-round play.

Sand Field

Hyvärilä also features a large sand field where you can play sports like football or kyykkä. The field is built to official kyykkä dimensions.

You can rent kyykkä equipment from the Hyvärilä reception for self-guided play. Alternatively, you can request a kyykkä program, where an instructor will teach you how to play the game.