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Kiinnostaako kansainvälisyys, mutta esimerkiksi vaihto-oppilasvuosi ulkomailla tuntuu liian suurelta askeleelta? Kansainvälisyyteen löytyy myös muita polkuja, jokaisen nuoren omaan tilanteeseen sopiva.

Autamme nuoria löytämään oma tiensä kansainvälisyyteen

Yksi tehtävistämme on auttaa nuoria löytämään oma tiensä kansainvälisyyteen ja löytää jokaiselle kukkarolle sopiva tapa kansainvälistyä. Olemme osa kansainvälistä nuorisotyöverkostoa ja pyrimme edistämään kansainvälistä nuorisomatkailua.

Kansainvälisyystyömme tavoitteena on edistää:

  • suvaitsevaisuutta
  • erilaisuuden hyväksymistä
  • yhteisöllisyyttä
  • kulttuurista ymmärtämystä ja kulttuurien välistä vuoropuhelua.

Pidämme kiinni kansainvälisyydestä myös omassa työyhteisössämme: Ulkomaalaiset vapaaehtoistyöntekijät ja harjoittelijat pitävät meidät virkeinä myös silloin, kun emme isännöi kansainvälisiä tapahtumia.

  • Miten voin kansainvälistyä?

    Alle 29-vuotias, sinun on on mahdollista osallistua kansainvälisille leireille Suomessa tai ulkomailla, tai lähteä vapaaehtoisjaksoille ulkomaille. Jaksot voivat olla 2 viikosta 9 kuukauteen.

    Kaiken ikäiset voivat osallistua erilaisiin tapahtumiin Hyvärilässä, jossa tapaat nuoria ympäri Euroopan ja voit harjoittaa omaa kielitaitoasi.

  • Riittääkö kielitaitoni kansainvälistymiseen?

    Koulussa opittu englanninkielen taito riittää, sillä kielitaito kasvaa nopeasti kansainvälisessä ympäristössä. Usein kohteessa englanti ei ole äidinkielenä, joten muutkin opettelevat kommunikoimaan eri kielellä.

  • Voinko lähteä leireille tai vapaaehtoistöihin, vaikka minulla ei ole työkokemusta?

    Voit lähteä. Sinulla ei tarvitse olla työkokemusta tai harrastusten kautta tullutta erityisosaamista. Vapaaehtoistöissä ja leireillä sinut opastetaan työhön.

Ota yhteyttä ja kysy lisää

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International volunteering opportunities for young people

Hyvärilä youth centre has been awarded a quality Label certificate as a supporting, coordinating and hosting organization within the European Solidarity Corps programme.

Every year international volunteers come to Hyvärilä for long-term and short-term programs which allow them to explore Finland and discover their inner potential. Volunteer work includes helping youth workers run activities and programs for young people within camps and Youth house daily work, arranging workshops and cultural meet-ups for local young people in Nurmes area, helping to organize events and camps in Hyvärilä, helping kitchen and maintenance in their daily work.

Hyvärilä helps young people from Finland to find opportunities to volunteer abroad – contact us for more information. International volunteering projects are implemented within European Solidarity Corps programme.

  • Annual volunteering opportunities

    Individual volunteering

    Long-term volunteering for a young person from Finland abroad for 9 months:

    Hyvärilä has an opportunity to support you in planning your own project – contact us with your idea and go to a volunteering project of your dream.

    Long-term volunteering 6-12 months

    Hyvärilä hosts long-term volunteers helping with youth work and running social media volunteering accounts.

    2-month volunteering

    Hyvärilä youth centre will host two ESC-volunteers from July to September helping with running camp schools and doing creative projects in the field of traditional culture.

    Team volunteering

    Hyvärilä will host three international team volunteering programs.

    Team volunteering: Green Week (April-May)

    Green Week is an opportunity for young people who are concerned about sustainability and want to act on it. Volunteers will organize a series of workshops for the local community in Nurmes, Eastern Finland to celebrate the EU Green Week. They will also learn how Hyvärilä youth centre as Green Key certified destination reduces the negative impact of tourism. This is for young people who are eager to raise awareness via social media channels and workshops, who are ready to share their tips on being sustainable, and who are not afraid to get their hands dirty by participating in Nurmes town Spring clean event with the local community.

    Team volunteering: Talkoot (July)

    This team volunteering activity is based on the Finnish tradition called talkoot. Talkoot brings the whole village to help and do something together. Talkoot in Hyvärilä is a good opportunity to bring together generations and exchange skills, stories, and share quality time in a meaningful way. International volunteers are going to learn about local natural and cultural heritage and plan and implement different activities for the local community. Are you ready to learn to scythe, make insect hotels and do social media campaigns about biodiversity? This team volunteering is a modern interpretation of a traditional activity that brings the whole village together.

    Team volunteering: Kekri (October

    Kekri team volunteering was organized for the first time in October 2021. Kekri is an autumn festival of harvest, the transition from summer and light to winter and darkness in Eastern Finland. This activity brings together the local community around the topic of traditional harvest celebration. Volunteers are going to explore the Finnish culture and nature, sustainability, creativity and work with the local communities of different age groups from children to elderly people. Are you ready to learn how to cook delicious dishes with local ingredients? Are you ready to help the local community and learn about sustainability? Are you ready to celebrate the Kekri? Let’s raise awareness of the local cultural heritage, community building and solidarity!

Youth exchanges and international camps for young people

One of the best way to meet like-minded young people from other countries is to participate in international camps in Finland or abroad. Pick a theme that resonates with you and plan an international exchange as you want it. Hundreds of young people come together for a week for intercultural exchange and dialogue on different themes: sports, theater, environmental issues, culture and traditions, personal development, discovering nature and making change in the society – sky is the limit! Youth exchange opportunities are open for young people from 13 to 30 years of age.

Stay informed about international opportunities abroad on Facebook

  • Recent camps in Hyvärilä

    Eco YOUth

    Environment and practical steps towards the better and cleaner world are the main topics for this youth exchange, developed by young participants who are determined to make a difference. This youth exchange is the result of Empower Super Citizen Youth exchange of 2019, which inspired participants to continue their journey of making an impact. Participants from Portugal, Finland, Egypt and Cyprus will meet in summer on the beautiful island of Cyprus and get to work: learn how to use resources sustainably, raise awareness on environmental issues and get their hands dirty doing some actual cleaning!

    Funded by Erasmus+ Youth in Action Programme.

    Read the results of the project: https://erasmus-plus.ec.europa.eu/projects/eplus-project-details#project/2020-1-FI01-KA105-066258


    A program for young people from Germany to find a new beginning, explore the unknown and discover inner-resources during a two-month internship in Nurmes. The program features basic Finnish language and culture course, local tours and activities, and internship in Nurmes organizations under supervision of youth workers from LeeWerk – WISA (Germany) and Hyvärilä youth centre

    Funded by: European Social Fund and the German Ministry for Employment and Social Affairs

    Out of the woods. Camp Finland.

    September 2019 brought together active young people from Finland, Romania, Slovenia; Slovakia and Russia for a youth exchange devoted to finding your own way in life, getting to know your strengths, weaknesses and passions. Finding yourself with the help of peers through exploring nature and other cultures was the first step. It was truly inspiring, and fully implemented by the participants. Next step of “Out of the woods” project is professional development Youth exchange which will take place in Romania in 2020.

    Funded by Erasmus+ Youth in Action Program

    ESC – Empower Super Citizen

    November 2019 gathered young people from Finland, Egypt and Portugal to discover active citizenship through drama. How to make your voice heard? How to deal with problems in your community? What can a young person do to influence decision-makers? – this was the time for self-discovery and learning to express inner power! Participants found out which small steps of acts of kindness make a difference, and acted it out in a play for the local community.

    Funded by Erasmus+ Youth in Action Program

    Koulu ylittää rajat

    In 2018 and 2019 a total of 7 exchange camps happened between school students from Finland and the Republic of Karelia, Russia. Over 100 young people from both countries came together for one-week camps to learn about the country that is just across the border, make friends and get to know the culture and people through school exchange.

    Co-funded by the Ministry of Education and Culture of Finland.


    Getting together and exploring young people’s dreams is both a lot of fun and quite a challenge! This camp was planned and implemented by young people from Poland, Italy, Hungary and Finland.
    Funded by Erasmus+ Youth in Action Programme.

    One, two, three – trade!

    Young people from Finland, Sweden, Russia and Norway gathered together in Hyvärilä for a week in April to learn about culture and nature of Nordic countries. One week of getting to know culture of neighbor countries through making food, doing crafts and exploring the woods of Eastern Finland in snow shoes.
    Co-funded by NORDBUK programme, Nordic Council of Ministers.

    Green school camp

    The project is creating a Green school model as a school addressing global environmental problems in the local community by education and practical youth-led action. The schools will get a model of practical involvement of youth in environmental action. The Green school model, formulated as a result of summarizing and developing experiences of the best Karelian educators, will be tested in 6 pilot schools (3 in Finland and 3 in the Republic of Karelia) and disseminated inside and outside the region. The project is implemented by Karelian Education Development Fund (Russia) in partnership with Hyvärilä youth centre (Finland) and Regional ecology and biology center named by Kim Andreev (Finland).

    Funded by ENI CBC Karelia programme in 2018-2020.

    Project Green school

    BE IN A MOVIE – film-making camp

    In August 2019 young people from Finland and Russia spent a week learning about film-making process from professional film-makers. They navigated through theory and practice of coming up with the idea, making a script, setting up the scene, acting and editing a short film. The camp was organized within cross-border cooperation project LOKKI.

    Funded by ENI CBC Karelia programme in 2018-2020.

    Project page https://kareliacbc.fi/en/projects/ka3008-lokki

Mobility and networking for youth workers

International networking and exchange projects for youth workers help develop contacts with professionals from all over the world, improve professional skills and getting inspired for new opportunities and ideas. In our projects we create opportunities for meeting and learning in Finland and abroad. Stay informed about international opportunities on our Facebook group

  • Recent international youth worker mobility projects

    Brain gain

    Youth workers will explore science and learning: how does neuroscience explain learning processes and how can we adapt our programs best? Neuroscience helps us to go deeper into the world of education by guiding us to discover the knowledge of the brain and its nerve textures and making us observe the close relationship between biology, the systems linked to human learning, emotions and behavior. Training organized in Italy by ARCUS (Arte Cultura e Sociale) for youth work professionals. Sending organization from Finland: Hyvärilä youth centre.

    Read more about the training in Laura’s summary and explore Tanja’s Brain Gainexperience

    Funded by Erasmus+ Youth in Action Programme.


    Six handshakes

    The world is all connected and we are stronger together! Partnership building activity “Six handshakes” connects youth workers from EU and partner countries. This mobility is designed to develop new partnerships between organizations with similar views on quality and values in youth work. Professionals from Finland, Slovenia, Portugal, Morocco, Russia and Egypt, with participation of USA will come together to work on new cooperation ideas based around youth involvement and internationality.

    Funded by Erasmus+ Youth in Action Programme.

    Back to the roots

    Hyvärilä youth centre has accumulated many years of experience in environmental education and nature-based adventure education programs. Sharing our knowledge on this Environmental education training is our contribution to better quality youth work and ensuring that learning outdoors is safe for both participants and nature. Training participants from Finland, Poland, Ukraine, Italy and Cyprus will learn and build international cooperation networks.

    Funded by Erasmus+ Youth in Action Programme.

    Youth workers who play games

    Within the project we inspired dialogue and discussion on using digital methods in youth work. The project was developed to share practices of Finnish youth work organizations to contribute to capacity building of participants. Youth workers from partner organizations from Cyprus, Georgia, Sweden, Italy, Morocco and Bulgaria came to Hyvärilä and Metsäkartano youth centres for a week of learning and sharing experiences.

    Funded by Erasmus+ Youth in Action Program



    Project Communication for Cooperation (C4C) gathered international team of youth workers in Youth Hostel Ajdovščina in the town of Ajdovščina, Slovenia for a training course that took place on 23-30 April 2019. There were 18 participants from nine countries working together to improve their knowledge of using ICT in youthwork. The first edition arose from the shared reflection on Youth workers skills and on the highlighted lack of effective communication skills in youth workers and organisations. The second one aimed to improve and refine the communication skills (and their connections with relationships and values) of Youth workers and organisations providing them competences, tools and methods to address their work to marginalised youth. It enhances the professionalism and quality of Youth work and NFE and raise inclusion opportunities for marginalised youth – especially those at risk of exclusion and with violent and risky behaviours- as indirect beneficiaries.

    Funded by Erasmus+ Youth in Action Program.

    In their shoes

    ”In their shoes: Understanding disabilities” was a youth exchange that happened in Malaga, October 2016. The participants had the chance to experience and to understand better how is to live differently. They had the chance to us all the knowledge they had gained during the week, working to adapt different events to make them as accessible as possible.

    Funded by Erasmus+ Youth in Action Program.

    From rural to learning mobility

    In October 2018 Hyvärilä hosted the international partnership building seminar for youth workers. Youth workers from Finland, Austria, Slovenia, Slovakia and Italy gathered together to develop cooperation within project “From rural to learning mobility”. The participants had the chance to know more about all the activities that are happening in Hyvärilä and to find new opportunities for working together.

    Funded by Erasmus+ Youth in Action Program.

International cooperation projects for organizations

  • Current projects

    We are one – how can we all live sustainably and have fun at the same time?

    This youth exchange takes place in Weinburg, an Austrian town with magnificent landscapes and mountains. We create encounters, intensive experiences and explore different ways of a sustainable lifestyle – not only for the preservation of our nature but also for the well-being and prospering of ourselves and our communities. We work together with Asociatia de Tineret ONIX (Romania), MAEK (Italy) and Jugendinfo NÖ/JLW (Austria) and we aim to connect young people from different rural areas. Key components of the project are strengthening mental and physical health for a sustainable lifestyle and empowering young people to choose environmentally friendly and sustainable solutions in their life and in their communities. We also help youngsters to experience participation, self-discovery, tolerance and understanding in a European spirit.

    Co-funded by European Union.


    Exploring new ways of connecting youth work and cultural heritage brought us to this partnership between Nouseva Rannikkoseutu, Hyvärilä youth centre and Liminka municipality youth services (Finland), association Jarron Club (Spain), and Alytus youth centre (Lithuania). Together with young people, youth work professionals and representatives of the cultural field will discover exciting and engaging ways to use cultural heritage for youth programs and creative projects. Young people will develop leadership skills and use creativity to co-create together with international peers, interpreting local history and culture through various artistic means. Youth-led initiatives will be presented and shared within international YOUTH+CULTURE event.

    Funded by Erasmus+ Youth in Action Programme within KA2 for exchange of good practices in 2021-2023

    Art Escape

    As a response to COVID-19 restrictions and a higher demand for outdoors programs, within Art Escape project we will create outdoors escape rooms with thematic lines based on local cultural heritage: myths, fairy-tales and epics. This project is a connection between youth work and cultural heritage, between digital programs and outdoors activities and escape challenges. Research and best methods of designing outdoors escape rooms will be available to youth workers within an online training. Our goal is to help youth workers create their own outdoors escape rooms regardless of where they are and tailored to their intangible cultural heritage. Together with partners from CODEC Europe (Belgium), Badgecraft (Ireland), JumpIN HUB (Portugal), Plan Be (Cyprus) and System and G (Greece) we will learn, research and inspire.

    Funded by Erasmus+ Youth in Action Programme within KA2 for innovation in 2021-2023

    Green school

    The project is creating a Green school model as a school addressing global environmental problems in the local community by education and practical youth-led action. The schools will get a model of practical involvement of youth in environmental action. The Green school model, formulated as a result of summarizing and developing experiences of the best Karelian educators, will be tested in 6 pilot schools (3 in Finland and 3 in the Republic of Karelia) and disseminated inside and outside the region. The project is implemented by Karelian Education Development Fund (Russia) in partnership with Hyvärilä youth centre (Finland) and Regional ecology and biology center named by Kim Andreev (Finland).

    Funded by ENI CBC Karelia programme in 2018–2020

    Project page https://kareliacbc.fi/en/projects/green-school-ka5030


    The project is aimed at development of local filmmaking resources in the Republic of Karelia and Finland, and increasing the attractiveness of the border areas for living and doing business. The project is run by Karelian Cinematographers Union (Russia) in partnership with Petrozavodsk State University, Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Karelia, Centre of National cultures of the Republic of Karelia (Russia), and Reguaonal development agency Business Joensuu, Hyvärilä youth centre, East Finland Film Commission, Karelia University of applied sciences (Finland).

    Funded by ENI CBC Karelia programme in 2019-2020

    Project page https://kareliacbc.fi/en/projects/ka3008-lokki

    Trade knowledge

    Based on previous experience of organizing camps for young people interested in learning traditional TRADE of the area, professionals from cultural and youth sectors will explore opportunities for better quality programs and exchanges. The project implies exchange of good practices between professionals in the filed of youth work and cultural heritage: Plan it Be it (Cuprus), Zavod Dobra Pot (Slovenia), Nurmes Museum and Hyvärilä youth centre (Finland).

    Funded by Erasmus+ programme in 2019-2020.

    Project page https://ec.europa.eu/programmes/erasmus-plus/projects/eplus-project-details/#project/2019-1-FI01-KA205-060661

    Stay connected: digital youthwork in rural areas across the border

    This project will continue cooperation between schools and youth organizations of North Karelia and the Republic of Karelia. In 2020-2022 teachers and youth workers from Finland and Russia will share their best practices in using digital methods, and learn new methods which they can use in the classroom and within non-formal education programs. Two trainings for youth workers and teachers, and eight international exchanges will bring together participants from small municipalities along the Finnish and Russian border. They will learn together, make friends, explore culture and language of the neighboring country, and improve digital skills along the way.

    Funded by the Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture


    Escape town


    This project empowers youth in rural settings and compensates for the difficulties they may encounter growing up in these rural areas. In this project, we want to show the value of environmental wealth and the cultural heritage of our municipalities and promote the values of respect and protection of them. We want to network with other similar rural areas in Europe, offer Erasmus+ and ESC mobility opportunities to our young people and learn from their good practices in youth work. In this project, we will do “escape-room” type games but in the whole municipality, outdoors, with riddles and challenges that they will have to overcome to solve the mystery that will arise in each town. For 24 months we will meet to coordinate virtually and in person. Organizations from 4 countries (Finland, Spain, Hungary and Germany) will work as a team to create good quality activities and products.

    Co-funded by European Union.

  • Project archive

    Find out about international cooperation projects implemented in Hyvärilä in the recent years. Here you can learn about our history of international youth exchanges, volunteering projects, international cooperation projects with schools and organizations.


Do you have an international camp idea?

Contact us and let´s make it happen together!

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